FACT : Clients are going to their Bank less and less.

That trend and the thought process that Banks decline most credit requests has made it harder to foster meaningful relationships for Clients and Banks alike. At BCCUSA our role is to understand the credit offerings and business type preferences of our Bank Partners, while introducing established, credit-worthy business owners seeking a mutually beneficial relationship.

BCCUSA is the Nationwide Relationship Manager to our valued Bank Partners

Given the misguided perception that Banks decline a staggering amount of Business Credit requests (and that Banks are always looking for additional depositor connections), BCCUSA is the Nationwide ‘Relationship Manager’ to our Bank Partners. It is our role to understand the credit offerings and business type preferences within our Network, gather/organize documents- then submit the right client to the right Bank Partner to start the right connections across several platforms.

Health Care Professionals needing Personal/Professional Assistance

Many of our BCCUSA clients own/operate healthcare practices. While these professionals are experts in their work disciplines, often they are not versed in what credit instruments are available to them. How best to acquire equipment and/or restructure equipment debt, leverage commercial real estate, how to build out /utilize working capital for expansion is routinely external of their expertise. Based on their location, needs, credit/earnings and collateral, we match these clients to our Valued Bank Partners.