A Broker's Dilemma

What Do You Do With Files You Can’t Place?

Our vision

At BCC we understand the challenges associated with Business Owners not knowing what Credit instruments they are eligible for and why. We also understand the importance of ROI on marketing and advertising budgets for our referring Partners.
Accordingly, our ‘White Label’ program is designed to work with our Broker Partners by enabling them to monetize deals they do not typically focus on (or have expertise in).

‘Trash’ Files To Cash

Our White Label program will enable to turn many of those ‘trash’ files to cash, while augmenting your client relationships.

Brokers White Label Program

    • In the Insurance Industry many Mainstream firms sell Life and Health Insurance through one Corporate name. When clients request a comprehensive Financial Plan, they invariably have another affiliate entity that provides a Fee Based Consulting Service. In the Loan Brokerage Arena, think of BCC as your Consulting ‘Division.
    • When clients insist on non-MCA Credit, our Partnership will allow you to offer them all the legitimate Bank products available in the Commercial/Industrial Credit space.
    • We will explain what they are (and what they are not) eligible for, and give the reasons to substantiate that analysis. In many cases this will validate the relationship with clients.
    • Our Broker Partners and the client as a valued resource to help their Business- even if they are not eligible for what they ask for- initially.
    • If they are declined, we work with the client (at your request) and their CPA (where applicable) to make sure they are not too aggressive with deductions on their reporting data to prepare them to be eligible for the credit instruments they need to thrive.
    • Many of our Broker Partners simply throw away deals they are not versed in placing.
    • Working closely with our Partner Brokers is a ‘win-win’ for all involved.