No. As an Agent you will be an Independent Contractor. Simply, this means that you are paid like you are in your own Business- similar to Real Estate and Insurance Sales reps.
If you are committing to be a full-time Agent, BCC will grant you access to their Training Portal which gives you basic knowledge of the industry and the available products. BCC will assist you to place and close the transactions you originate.
If you refer a client to BCC and that client closes a transaction with BCC you will be paid 50% of the gross commission.
Example: $60K Working Capital Advance pays 8% or $4800 to BCC. Your commission would be $2400.
As all small businesses are potential clients, you likely already know clients that can utilize BCC expertise. As an Agent if you were interested in buying leads and packages (once you were trained and prepared) BCC’s Lead Marketplace would be available to you.
Yes. BCC currently has several referral partners that earn commission based solely on recommending their existing relationships when they need Capital or services provided by BCC.
Writing a check and taking the training alone does not mean that you will the right long-term fit for BCC and vice versa. Accordingly, we make Territories available to Agents after they have placed 3 deals- and demonstrate the necessary commitment.
Since each deal varies greatly there is no ‘average’ closing. Our highest paying transaction this past month was for $31,600 and the smallest was $500. Closing 2-3 transactions monthly will likely mean earning 100k annually in commission.
After completing training and submitting your first transaction you will be issued a company email address.

Please refer to our Corporate Website
This should give you an idea of the scope of services available to you and your contacts.