For the 10+ years BCCUSA has been helping clients utilize leverage to scale their businesses, having clients understand the business lending process has always been our biggest hurdle to earning their trust. While they all understand the rules to borrow funds for their home, or their car/truck, they often have no idea at all what prompts banks to approve or decline monthly payment credit applications.

This dynamic is exacerbated when businesses use the internet to find ‘lenders.’ Instead of real loans or lines of credit, they are steered towards opportunistic ‘quick-fix’ solutions with a cost of capital that often exceeds their profit margins. Since a growing business needs more liquidity to cover raw materials, payroll, infrastructure, and payables- they often find themselves needing more ‘quick-fix’ capital and their growing pains get worse!

Since we at BCCUSA are Consultants, not opportunists, we will explain what your firm is eligible for and why. We will often work with your accounting firm prior to your application submission to make sure your earnings and deductions are in line with your request. We will suggest how to raise your credit score to meet the bank lending threshold. We will alert you what documents will be required for a fully underwritten credit facility to speed up the process. Finally: We will introduce you to our Nationwide BANK Network of lenders that will put your application on the top of their underwriting list. Given our track record with our Partners, Banks know that when we refer a client to them, it merits special consideration.