Latest News

May 2022

BCCUSA is pleased and excited to announce Strategic Bank Partner additions, to our vast Nationwide Network. This continually expanding roster of Bank’s (offering Expedited Lines of Credit/Loans, HealthCare Practice, and Equipment Finance) means BCCUSA has coverage for over 95% of the Business owners located within the Continental US. This game-changing Network means established; creditworthy, small business owners can receive low-cost capital swiftly to address their pressing working capital needs. With approval rates exceeding 70%, businesses can rely less on short-term, expensive ‘funds’ allowing them to flourish.

BCCUSA is committed to becoming the trusted partner for small business owners and banks alike, helping both secure the right credit instruments and relationships to foster mutual long-term success.

June 2022

BCCUSA is excited to announce the new ‘FUNDS FAST’ 10 year low interest (Prime rate + 2.75%) Working Capital Loan product from our Nationwide Partner Network. This game-changing loan requires businesses to be 2+ years in business, be break-even or profitable, and have strong guarantor credit (680 FICO +). The ten year term is what makes this Capital infusion such an incredible option to our growing clients with repayments less than $2000 per month on $150,000! The cherry on top of all this is that approvals and funding happen in 10 business days.

This product is just one of many credit instruments BCCUSA offers established, creditworthy Small Business owners Nationwide to avoid short-term, expensive debt. Every dollar small businesses save is money they can re-invest in their growing business.

July 2022

Deal of the Month:

BCCUSA is proud to announce it has facilitated the closing of an 895k Loan for a New Jersey Orthodontist. The transaction was split into a practice expansion loan and a 15-year commercial mortgage. The combined interest rate was below 4% and positions our client to succeed for many years to come!