Matthew Carlucci

Chief Operating Officer

Matt brings an extraordinary spectrum of data driven financial/economic analytical experience to BCCUSA, having spent 10+ years consulting privately for some of the largest publicly traded companies globally. His efforts have generated 100’s of millions in net realized savings for his Fortune 50 clientele, while (perhaps more importantly) maximizing overall process efficiency. Matt’s vision is to redefine the way businesses use leverage through world-class service, prioritized execution, and unparalleled user-friendly financial technology- that greatly minimizes granular intervention. It is Matt’s synergy with Richard that allows BCCUSA to offer personalized service to Small Businesses (and Bank Partners) on a National scale.

Richard Gusmano

Founder and CEO

Richard is an award-winning entrepreneur with nearly 4 decades of real-life experience starting, operating, and scaling businesses spanning several entity types. Accordingly, he truly understands sales cycles, staffing, marketing/advertising, supply chain, manufacturing, and financial reporting dynamics. Just as importantly, he knows exactly what banks need to approve credit applications (and why), and how client’s must be positioned to make the right first impression. Facilitating both parties’ needs is the genesis of BCCUSA. It is Richard’s vision to make BCCUSA the trusted partner to small business owners and banks alike, helping both secure the right relationships/credit instruments available to foster mutual long-term success.