Mark Twain said, ‘You’re never wrong to do the right thing.’

By introducing BCCUSA to clients, you are ensuring they will be guided down the path to securing the best cost of capital for their Business. Based on their business type, revenue cycle, existing liabilities, credit/earnings, and assets (where applicable)- our team at BCCUSA will assess and explain to clients where they are, and where they can be with our help.

We will never pressure businesses into taking a credit facility or even urge them to retain our services. We hope they are savvy enough to realize our value proposition. We will treat clients the way we want to be treated. We will give realistic timeframes to have fully underwritten transactions close. We will make sure their request for capital has a cogent use of funds, commensurate earnings and credit, along with Financial Statements that align with tax returns.

At BCCUSA we are Consultants- not opportunists. The foundation of our practice IS to do the right thing and by referring clients to BCCUSA- you will be doing the right thing.