SBA Lines of Credit & Loans NATIONWIDE

When seeking a long-term credit solution for their business, Entrepreneurs can rely on the SBA (Small Business Administration) to assist in the approval process. They do this by guaranteeing a portion of the credit facility, allowing banks to say ‘yes’ to more applicants. BCCUSA offers the 7A products through our Nationwide Bank and Non-Bank Network. Loans and Lines up to 350k do not require collateral and can close in 30 days, while amounts above that threshold take longer (typically 60-75 days) due to appraisals and Title work.

BCCUSA matches clients to the right lender partner based on guarantor credit, use of funds, location and NAICS (Business activity) codes. When BCCUSA submits a full package to our Partners, files move swiftly as they know the client has passed DSCR (debt service coverage ratio), and has requisite collateral (for credit instruments above 350k). Once pre-approved our document specialists work diligently with clients and our Partners, to streamline the closing process.

Recent SBA Closings: