Thank you for taking the time to go through the pre-qualification process. At this time we cannot pre-qualify you based on some of the information you submitted.

The good news is we can still help you and your business get the funding you need! After all that’s why we are here!

Our number one job here at Business Capital Consultants is to make sure you are properly prepared to borrow and you are not taken advantage of by banks or predatory lenders.

It’s very important not to take on any bad high interest short term debt because you do not meet a bank’s criteria for a loan. If someone is only asking for 3 months bank statements they are trying to take advantage of you and your business. They are offering you a high interest loan other wise known as a Merchant Cash Advance (MCA) loan. Sure the loan closes in 24-48 hours but they do that on purpose so you won’t realize what happened! They will make a extremely high commission on your loan and will leave you with really high daily or weekly payments that have put many business out of business.

You do have options available and we can help you blueprint a path so you can get the RIGHT and SMARTEST loan for your business you need as fast as possible and that wont keep you up at night!

A member from our team will be in contact shortly via email to help set up a call so we show how you can still accomplish your goals!