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BCCUSA Disrupts Outdated Small Business Credit Process with New AI-Powered Digital Loan Qualifying System

BCCUSA Disrupts Outdated Small Business Credit Process with New AI-Powered Digital Loan Qualifying System


Business Credit Consultants Reveals Lendotics, a LQS Educating Business Owners and Empowering Them to Make Informed Credit Decisions


NEW YORK, Sept. 13, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Business Credit Consultants (BCCUSA), a business credit consulting firm that supports small to midsize businesses, announced today the release of its new, first-of-its-kind AI-powered Digital Loan Qualifying System (LQS) called Lendotics, which creates a frictionless credit process and completely revolutionizes the outdated approach for business owners.

“The creation of Lendotics has transformed the overall experience for small businesses, helping owners determine credit eligibility before they attempt to borrow,” said Richard Gusmano, Founder and CEO of Business Credit Consultants. “This service we provide irradicates the need to send sensitive data to questionable third-party sources who may not have owners’ best interests in mind and provides better alternatives than expensive “quick funds” that cripple cash flow.”

Officially launched at the beginning of July 2023, the AI-powered LQS system generates digital and fully underwritten lending reports and expedited interim financial report generation. To put it layman terms, it analyzes a business’s financials through a secured platform, giving owners complete transparency regarding their lending eligibility within minutes. The system also predicts the best credit options for business owners and suggests steps to improve credit eligibility. To date Lendotics has had over a 95% accuracy rate in determining eligibility and that number continues to grow as the proprietary algorithm strengthens.

“BCCUSA is committed to teaching small business owners how to become their own CFO,” said Matthew Carlucci, COO of Business Credit Consultants. “Data is great but if it’s not actionable, it’s meaningless. With continued market volatility and banks tightening, business owners are seeking easy-to-digest reports with access to experienced professionals who can quickly make recommendations based on the data.”

Lendotics provides business owners with:

  • Digital Lending Reporting – An accurate score for the likelihood of digital lending success.
  • Fully Underwritten Report  The fully underwritten report utilizes data from the digital lending report and delves into a business’s Debt Service Coverage Ratio (DSCR) analysis and trend incorporating personal credit scoring, utilization, business credit, tradelines, inquires and more.
  • Financial Reporting – Lendotics’ Expedited Interim Financial Report Generation offers a solution for business owners to access YTD financial reports in as little as one day. This quick turnaround time is crucial for businesses that require credit to manage cash flow and fuel growth and by minimizing delays in receiving credit.
  • Path to Bank Credit – BCCUSA matches businesses with banks in their over 100+ national network based on their credit and financial data. BCCUSA looks for partners that seek new relationships based on financial data, location, and business type.

About Business Credit Consultants

BCCUSA was founded to provide small business owners with the most competitive cost of capital to support their success in every economic climate. Their no-cost, no-obligation consultation supplies transparency, cutting guesswork from the small business borrowing process. By combining secure data submission with AI-powered loan qualification, BCCUSA provides full transparency on your borrowing eligibility and through their extensive network of reputable banks across the country, you gain access to conventional bank lines of credit and loans. For more information visit https://bccusa.com/.

About Lendotics

Lendotics’ AI-powered Loan Qualifying System (LQS) streamlines credit-seeking for business owners by leveraging comprehensive personal and business bureau data while providing thorough diligence and transparency beyond traditional bank practices. This AI-technology saves time, helps businesses avoid multiple credit inquiries and allows owners to make more well-informed decisions when it comes to their lending choices. For more information visit https://lendotics.com/.

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Taylor Murray, Account Manager