What Clients are Saying

What Clients are Saying

‘I contacted Richard through a Broker Funding Blog a few years back. At the time we had 5 Merchant Cash Advance Positions and was paying over $25,000 a month to short term debt. We were drowning. It took about 2 months, but he helped us arrange a loan to pay off all the debt and extend the term to 120 months, saving us over $20k per month. I’m not sure how we would have survived without his help.’

Adele S.

Owner, Midwest Retailer

‘BCCUSA has helped us grow from 2 employees in sub level space to a staff of 60 with our own State of the Art Manufacturing Facility. Richard and his team have been invaluable to our growth and success.’

Christine C.

Co-Founder, NY Metro Area Manufacturer

‘BCC helped us acquire 3 separate businesses and literally took our business to the next level. They have been a game changer for us.’

Miguel C.

Principal, Northeast Logistics Firm

‘Richard and his staff have been there for us through growth but also Business Model changes, providing honest advice and support, which isn’t always easy but always appreciated.’

Burke W.

CEO, California Medical Equipment Sales and Service Firm

‘While Richard and his team have helped us grow our business 50% over the last 3 years adjusting the debt on our balance sheet, it’s knowing that he has our best interests at heart that will keep our firms aligned.’

Kerry S.

President, California Manufacturing Firm

‘Our reps at BCCUSA always explain exactly what we are eligible for and why- and have been there for us for over 3 years. I would recommend them to any business owner.’

Rob S.

Principal, Northeast Construction Company

‘I’ve been in the hospitality business in one way or another for 40 years and our Rep Katie can write a book on customer service. She’s the absolute best. She’s ALWAYS ahead of the ball. She was just fantastic to work with.Thanks again and look forward to working with BCCUSA in future.’

Mike R.

Co-owner, New England Restaurant owner

‘We were turned down by 3 separate local banks before our loan broker introduced us to Richard. Within 3 days he arranged a pre-approval, and within a month we closed a 10-year loan. Thank you.’

Claudio S.

CFO, Northeast Manufacturer

Working Side By Side With You

Whether clients need immediate Capital, are bidding on a large contract, or plan to expand down the road, our staff at Business Capital Consultants works side by side with ownership, and often CPA’s, to clarify financial data ascertaining Debt Service Coverage Ratios for respective lenders- determining the monthly payment the client can afford. Once that is established, we will fine tune the use of funds, and prepare them for the questions/next steps the bank will ask to speed up the process.